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How to Record Employee COVID-19 Cases

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

On May 19th, OSHA revised policies surrounding the recording of COVID-19 cases. In this article, we will demonstrate how MeritEHS can record and report on confirmed COVID-19 cases.


Step 1: Setup a New Incident Type

Under the admin navigation item, select the “Incident Settings” item to reach the various incident settings for MeritEHS: Click here if you are a current MeritEHS customer.

Next, click on the “Incident Types” tab and then click the “+New” button. This will take you to the form to create a new incident type.

Create the incident type with the following settings. For this example, we name the incident type “COVID-19 Case”.

Finally, click the “Save Incident Type” button. This will reload the page and show the Custom Field tab.


Step 2: Create the Required COVID19 Custom Fields

Click the tab, “Custom Sections & Fields”, this will show a blank page with the control buttons to start building sections and fields.

To add our first section, click the “+ Add Section” button, the result will be a blank section where fields can be added.

For this demonstration, we’ll add one required field that confirms whether or not the case has been confirmed:

Once we have added the field, click “Save Incident Type”. Now our new incident type is ready to start recording and tracking COVID-19 cases.


Step 3: Recording Cases

Let’s create a new incident for a COVID-19 case. Click the global “Create” button in the top nav or the Create button on the incident list to start recording a case:

Make sure to select the newly created incident type for our COVID-19 case. Complete the rest of the required information and click “Create Incident”. You will now be redirected to the full incident form. Scrolling all the way down, we can observe our custom section:


Step 4: Setting up a Saved Filter for Quick Access

To quickly access the list of COVID cases, we will set up a saved filters list. Navigate to the main incidents list, Click here if you are a current MeritEHS customer. Next, apply a filter for the incident type:

Once the list updates, you will see the filtered list of COVID cases. Next, we’ll save the filter for quick access:

Save the filter with the desired name, once saved, it will show up in the navigation menu under your saved filters:

Observe the menu filter:



MeritEHS Customized incident forms enable you to be able to keep up to date with information relevant to policy changes and new standards of any kind. Not all incidents are the same, you can now be more flexible and promote workplace safety.

To learn more about what MeritEHS has to offer please feel free to visit our website, or request a free demo.



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