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How to Use Equipment Tracking



MeritEHS is a cloud-based safety, compliance, and subcontractor management EHS solution for the construction and maintenance industries. In this post, we are going to show how simple it is to use equipment tracking on MeritEHS.


Step 1: Have at Least One Piece of Equipment

Equipment tracking allows companies to keep track of where all of their equipment is and how much usage has been added since it was last assigned to a user. To begin, you must have at least one piece of equipment set up in MeritEHS.


Step 2: Select Equipment Issue Button

Under a piece of equipment, start by selecting the “Issue” button. Here you will see 4 possible actions: Issue, Check-In, Put On Hold and Archive. When issuing equipment, you will select a user or employee to issue the equipment to, as well as the jobsite they are on if applicable. When an employee is checking in equipment that was assigned to them, they simply select the division the equipment is being returned to.


Step 3: Log Usage for The Equipment

With all possible tracking actions, you can opt to log usage for the equipment. Simply fill out the amount and the type of usage (miles, hours, etc.) and it will add it to the equipment’s overall usage. You can also log usage separately from tracking if desired.


Step 4: See History of Equipment and Tracking

Once you have completed the tracking form, you will see the history of tracking and usage in the tabs at the bottom of the equipment page, including a running total of the usage on the equipment.

Additionally, you can quickly see, sort, and filter by the tracking status on the equipment list, as well as by the user, jobsite, or division that the equipment was assigned to. The list also allows you to quickly change the tracking by clicking on the status of a piece of equipment.



Equipment tracking is designed to help you keep track of your equipment. It allows you to know where a piece of equipment is at any given time, or how much usage has been put on the piece of equipment to keep track of when maintenance or inspections may be necessary.

To learn more about what MeritEHS has to offer please feel free to visit our website, or request a free demo at any time.

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