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Crowder Constructors

Wayne Brothers

Wayne Brothers revolutionized their safety culture in order to make safety their # 1 priority. During their journey to building a safer company they recognized the need for a software program that could streamline reporting, inspections, tracking, and analytics. They found the best solution in MeritEHS, which has enhanced Wayne Brothers’ safety program by improving how they report and use information enabling them to be proactive, rather than reactive. Also, due to the flexibility of the system, they are able to customize it to meet their specific needs and workflows.

Morgan-Keller Construction

Morgan-Keller, construction company headquartered in Frederick, MD, needed to drastically improve their processes for data management, such as inspection reports and training records. Before discovering Merit EHS, they were housing their data in spreadsheets or files, making it extremely difficult to obtain the information they needed.

After looking at several products and solutions, they decided to implement MeritEHS, Merit Technologies’ safety management program, to simplify and enhance their data management, Also, because the software is customizable, they are able to utilize it to work for them in the most efficient manner.

Now all the data they input on a daily basis is immediately accessible in one spot, and they are better able to put that data to use. MeritEHS has helped Morgan-Keller set their people and projects up for safety success. 

Client Spotlights 

Hear from our clients about what MeritEHS has done for their safety process.

Crowder Constructors needed a way to streamline their safety program. The use of multiple spreadsheets to track safety information kept Scott Allen, Corporate Safety Director over the construction company, from doing the more beneficial parts of his job. Since Crowder has multiple locations and many people in the field, they needed to simplify their processes with a software solution that was scalable, would grow with them, provide them with better tracking and reporting capabilities, enable them to disseminate information to anyone who needs to see it instantly, and improve their safety program overall. MeritEHS’s safety management software allowed them to do just that and more.

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