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Subcontractor Geo-Location Map

Updated: May 22, 2020


MeritEHS has recently completed a Geo-location subcontractor search to assist jobsite planners in the process of finding qualified subcontractors within proximity of the jobsite. Users can plot all known subcontractors’ addresses over a red search area. The radius of the search can be set on the toolbar and immediately redrawn on the map. Any jobsite, address, or set of coordinates can act as the starting point for the search radius.


To further narrow down the list of desired subcontractors, the search gives 6 different categorical filters that can help pinpoint the type of subcontractors needed, including; approval status, geographic area willing to work, business designations, professional licenses, registrations, and trades.

Each of the filters shown can be customized per individual account based on the common or most used values. Once filters are applied, MeritEHS will redraw the maps with the matching subcontractors. The “Search Subs” field lets users search for subcontractors by name after a click on the map to view the summary.


To learn more about what MeritEHS has to offer please feel free to visit our website, or request a free demo at any time.

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