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Subcontractor Database

You're an EHS professional and you manage the safety of a jobsite. Managing the safety of your own people is challenging, but what about managing subcontractors as well? At MeritEHS, we’ve built an EHS subcontractor management database for people with hard jobs, busy schedules, endless objectives, and demanding environments. Our subcontractor database is quick, easy, clear, and efficient. Enabling you to better care for your employees and reach your safety goals. Our product is a true cloud-based solution, cost-effective, and a real time saver. From hiring the right subs through our prequalification application to tracking your sub’s performance and safety. MeritEHS has you covered. So, no matter whose safety your tracking on any jobsite, our team is always ready to help you manage the safety of everyone more effectively. Request a demo or give us a call today at 864-908-3577. MeritEHS subcontractor database is quick, easy, clear, and efficient.


Our company name Merit, which is found in our product name, MeritEHS, is important. Merit is a noun referring to the quality of being worthy, as to deserve a reward. Quality and relevance are very important to us. We want to be worthy of a relationship with you and the reward of you entrusting us with your business. ​


MeritEHS is a powerful EHS software solution that enables customers to manage risk and maintain regulatory compliance. Join contractors just like you in saving valuable time, avoiding incidents, being efficient, and ultimately providing a safe workplace so that workers can go home to their families.​


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