MeritEHS is a cloud-based safety, compliance, and subcontractor management solution for the construction and maintenance industries.

As a Safety Professional, your work is important and ensuring a high-performing safety culture requires the right tools.


MeritEHS modernizes safety processes, organizes your data, ensures compliance and most importantly, gets your workers home to their families at the end of the day.

Developed in partnership with Safety Managers and OSHA consultants. 

We understand your work is complex so we went to the experts. MeritEHS’s features are constructed to help you easily manage what’s most important.

Client Testimonial

"Merit made the whole process of tracking safety related items (incident reports, leading and lagging indicators, inspections and safety program participation) so much more efficient through their SaaS services. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a SaaS project done. We could not have done it without their professional partnership, expert knowledge, and exceptional customer service. When it comes to SaaS development, Merit is the best in the business.”

Scott Allen, Safety and Health Director


Subcontractor management 
  • Centrally gather, store, and reference all of your subcontractor data.

  • Link incidents and safety meetings to the subcontractor’s record. 

  • Submit bids faster by using geolocation to find subs that meet your jobsite prerequisites in a defined area.

  • Track compliance renewals from year to year and save time by enabling automated renewal notifications. 

Incident reporting
  • Auto-generate an OSHA 300 report from the system or customize incident forms with information relevant to your organization.

  • Keep track of incidents from your computer, smartphone, or tablet and instantly notify relevant parties of incidents based on defined organizational conditions.

  • Easy to use reports let you analyze incident data and visually identify trends. 

  • Create OSHA compliance inspection forms with the added benefit of adding your own standards that may be specific to you or your customer.

  • Keep track of complaints and corrective actions.

  • Upload images right to complaints for visual accuracy.

  • Instantly create and assign correct actions.

  • If an observation is relevant to an inspection, you can link the two reports.

  • incidents, inspections, and observations can include corrective actions.

  • You can assign corrective actions to people, sites, and subcontractors; then report and analyze those actions using time as a measurement. 

Corrective actions

We can import your data from COINS


Submit bids faster by using geolocation to find subs that meet your jobsite prerequisites in a defined area.


Stay productive, go mobile using the MeritEHS app!

Use MeritEHS offline, onsite!

Reduce reaction time and make critical decisions faster by using the MeritEHS mobile app to capture and upload pictures of inspections, incidents, or whatever you need to document from your job site. When you get back into wireless range, your data goes straight to the cloud creating real-time information, saving you valuable time and money.


MeritEHS partners with companies to help improve their safety process.

Find out more! 

What to expect after you request a demo:

1. We will reach out to you within 24 hours to learn more about you.

2. Work with you to determine what solution works best for you.

3. Show you how our safety software can help improve your safety process.

Please tell us how you are currently collecting safety data:


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About Us


Our company name Merit, which is found in our product name, MeritEHS, is important. Merit is a noun referring to the quality of being worthy, as to deserve a reward. Quality and relevance are very important to us. We want to be worthy of a relationship with you and the reward of you entrusting us with your business. ​


MeritEHS is a powerful EHS software solution that enables customers to manage risk and maintain regulatory compliance. Join contractors just like you in saving valuable time, avoiding incidents, being efficient, and ultimately providing a safe workplace so that workers can go home to their families.​


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