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Automatic Pre-Qualification Metrics

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

MeritEHS enables safety coordinators to define per-client subcontractor approval rules for streamlining the pre-qualification process. These approval rules or metrics consist of varying true/false conditional followed by individual OSHA rules. See figure 1.1:


Conditions are a preliminary way to determine if a metric applies to a subcontractor or not. For example, metrics often implement conditions on the number of employees of the subcontractor to provide more lenient approval rules as the size of the company increases.

The available rule definitions include all the OSHA 300A data points plus OSHA citations by type. See figure 1.2 for the available rule data points:


There is a special type of rule called “Immediate Failure Rule” (IFR) which immediately fails the approval metric even if all other rules pass. These rules are exempt from the “Minimum Number of Rules Required to Pass” value.

Once all the metrics are set up on the client, the metrics can be bulk processed against all subcontractors giving an immediate pass/fail results for your entire list of subcontractors. Also, the metrics will automatically run once the subcontractors submit their pre-qualification form, giving safety teams immediate results when considering approval.


To learn more about what MeritEHS has to offer please feel free to visit our website, or request a free demo at any time.

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