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How to Create Automated Incident Email Alerts

Updated: May 15, 2020



MeritEHS is a cloud-based safety, compliance, and subcontractor management EHS solution for the construction and maintenance industries. In this post, we are going to show how simple it is to set up real-time notification of incidents through email alerts.


Step 1: Navigate to Email Alerts Tab

Incident Settings allow admins to set up email alert rules that notify teams and management in real-time when incidents occur. To demonstrate, we will be publishing a new email alert rule. This alert rule will create a new incident and verify that the email alert was delivered.

Begin by using an admin account, then navigate to the incident

settings page as shown here:

This will bring you to the incident settings page. You will then see a list of tabs for the various admin-controlled settings. Locate the last tab titled “Email Alerts”.


Step 2: Create New Email Alert

Once you click the “Email Alerts” tab, you will see the list of alert rules. Depending on your account, this list may be empty. Click the "+New" button next to the title as shown here:


Step 3: Add Conditions & Recipients

Next, we are going to create a rule to notify certain groups when a

Property Damage incident is created. We do this by adding a condition, selecting “Incident Type”. Then select the value from the picklist.

Recipients can be any of the following: a static email address, an employee in EHS, a list of employees based on Title, any user in EHS, or a list of users based on Roles in EHS.

Optionally, we can add a status condition as shown. This will only send the email alert once the Incident meets a certain status. Without a status condition, emails will always be sent when the Incident is created. See here:


Step 4: See Email Alert

Now when a Property Damage incident is created, all emails, employees, and users will receive an email alert that looks like the following:



Email alerts are designed to give real-time notification of incidents. Letting you instantly notify relevant parties based on defined organizational conditions. Which in return enables you to reduce time and make critical decisions faster, protecting your company and caring for your workers.

To learn more about what MeritEHS has to offer please feel free to visit our website, or request a free demo at any time.

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