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Jobsite Safety Reporting

Updated: Jun 1, 2020


MeritEHS has added more clarity into the safety of job sites by adding safety analyses reporting directly on the Jobsite views.

Users start the process by entering a Jobsite Safety Analysis (JSA) into the system. In addition to the basic safety information, the user can add steps, hazards (including risk level), and controls. These three fields can all be customized to suit the company’s needs.


Once the JSA is generated, it will show up in the reports on the Jobsite overview page. These reports give an average risk associated with the Jobsite, in addition to detailed views on both risk levels and types of risk.


Users can additionally see the average overall risk from the Jobsite list to help them identify risky job sites at a glance.


To learn more about what MeritEHS has to offer please feel free to visit our website, or request a free demo at any time.

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