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Considering Safety Management Software? Start Here.

Do you have a good safety program in place – but have areas you’d like to improve upon or wonder if there’s an easier way to manage it all? Maybe you’ve thought about safety management software but aren’t sure you or your team would be comfortable with the technology.

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s an overview of safety management software and some things to consider (and guess what? don’t have to be a “technical person” to use it!).

What Does Safety Management Software Do?

Safety management software helps to save time handling safety tasks, enable users to be more efficient, and produce leading indicators through reporting.

Here are some of the features to look for:

  • Inspections: Easy to use forms that include corrective actions for accountability

  • Observations: Promotes safe working conditions

  • Incident Reporting: Allows for communication workflows and real-time notifications to appropriate personnel

  • Reporting System: Robust and providing both leading and lagging indicators

  • Root cause analysis: to determine the WHY, not just the what

  • Safety Data Sheets: Easy storage and accessibility

  • Training Course Database and Matrix: Tracks how has been trained on what and provides alerts when courses are expiring

  • Safety Meetings: Logs and tracks toolbox talks and general safety updates

  • Employee and Jobsite Information: Houses data to ensure accurate reporting

  • Jobsite Safety Analysis (JSA)

What is the Value of Safety Management Software?

Safety is everyone’s job, but no one needs more work! Safety management must be simple and streamlined so it’s easy to adopt and become part of a daily routine.

Here are some things to consider when selecting Safety Management Software:

  • Ease of use: You and your team are busy enough – it shouldn’t create more work for you. It should help you do more with less. Data input should be easy, self-explanatory, and accessible on multiple devices.

  • Improves accountability: Accountability equals awareness. The more workers are aware of, the safer they are. And when workers are safer, fewer incidents occur.

  • Provides data that helps you make decisions and that you can act on: Leading and lagging indicators help you stay ahead of incidents, which reduces loss time and fines. Reporting should be easy to use, allowing you to quickly identify trends so you can take action.

  • Enables better communication: Cloud-based software allows data to be consistent and available in real time. Better communication produces better efficiency and saves valuable time.

  • Eliminates outsourced costs: Safety software can eliminate expensive third parties, such as safety consultants and compliance vetting companies.

  • Increases productivity: Multiple aspects of your safety program – such as compliance, training, equipment, inspections, etc. – is centralized in one place, which reduces complexity and saves time and money.

  • Organizes and consolidates: Rather than having inspection forms in multiple places or not knowing where your incident logs are, having everything in one place organizes and simplifies your data, making it easy to find and use.

  • Maintains compliance: You should never have to worry about getting fined for compliance. Safety management software can help you meet the requirements to be compliant.

In finding the right safety management system for you, make sure you understand what your current pain points are, as well as your current blind spots so you can know what will serve you best. Safety management software should make your job easier, not more complicated. It should help you do more with less. It should be easy to implement and priced fairly. The right software should meet your needs and work for you – allowing for improvement in your safety program.

Still unsure about whether safety management software is for you – or where to start? Schedule a demo to see how MeritEHS might fit your needs. We also offer a free 14-day trial so you can experience it for yourself! Contact us to get started.

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