Welcome to the MeritEHS HELP and FAQ page. MeritEHS is a Safety Management Software that simplifies safety because safety is everyone's job.

To have a strong Safety Culture, avoid fines, and reduce incidents, everyone must participate. The fact is that everyone is already busy with project management, schedules, and controlling cost. 

MeritEHS is designed by Safety Professionals who understand this. MeritEHS enables you and your team to do more with less, creating a safer workplace, saving time, and reducing cost.


With MeritEHS, you can:

  • Perform Inspections that include Corrective Actions for accountability, capture Observations to promote accountability, and record incidents with communication workflows for real-time notifications to appropriate personnel.

  • Analyze your data using a robust reporting system that provides both leading and lagging indicators.

  • Store data like Safety Data Sheets, Training Course tracking and Safety Meeting logs.

  • Manage subcontractor compliance.


Creating an account


Creating an account is easy and can be done right from the MeritEHS website. Once registered, you'll be guided through set-up via the Set-up Wizard.

Please note that you can sign-up two ways; with your Office365 Account or create a new user and password. Signing-up with your Offfice365 Account allows you to sign-in without entering passwords, it simply uses your Office credentials.


Creating a New User  

Here we look at how to create a new user in MeritEHS. It's important to understand that there is a difference between Users and Employees. Users have paid accounts, a personal log-in and can be assigned permissions, workflows and task. Anyone who will need access to the application and enter data, like performing inspections and assigning Corrective Actions, will need to be set-up as a "User". 

An Employee does not have the ability to log into the application but is a record. You will need to upload your active employees (or we can do that for you!) before using the application because most features require employee information to be completed. This allows you to better analyze your data as well as track employee performance. 

From your menu, select "User", then "Create User" to begin. When creating a new user, make sure to set the user as "Active" to send them an email letting them know they now have an account in MeritEHS.

Once your new user is created, all of their information will be accessible in the "User" view. 

To deactivate a user, simply select "Inactivate". The users information will still be available if you choose to reactivate them in the future.


Creating Roles and Assigning Permissions to a User 

Inside MeritEHS, you can limit access to certain features by creating Roles and Permissions. Here we walk you through how to create a Role, assign certain permissions, then assign the Role to a User.


You can set-up as many Roles as you would like in MeritEHS. Roles can only be assigned to Users of the application.


Creating an Inspection

In this video you will learn how to perform an inspection using our pre-loaded basic inspection form. Create jobsites, employees and users as you work through the inspection form or load these in advance by visiting the "Jobsite", "Users" and "Employees" tabs on the left side of the application.

You may mark whole inspection sections as "Compliant", "Non- Compliant" or "N/A" at once, or you can select them individually. 

Additionally, you make click "Edit Details" to add comments to any inspection items. For "Non-Compliant" items, you will be directed to create a Corrective Action. (For further details on creating Corrective Actions from "Non- Compliant" items, please see the training video "How to assign a Corrective Action."

Finally, this video also shows how to customize your dashboard so that you can view your inspection information there.


Assigning a Corrective Action


Creating a Custom Inspection Form

MeritEHS comes with a standard inspection form for you to use. However, if you want to your form, you can easily create it! This will allow you to remain consistent in your inspections and minimize disruption with your staff. It's easy to do and only takes a few minuets to complete.

You can create as many forms as you like, there's no limit! You can even create an equipment inspection form to track general wear and tear.

Once created, you'll be prompted to publish your inspection form. Once published, it cannot be deleted because data may be attached to it. If you choose to no longer use it, you can simply mark it as "inactive" and the form will no longer be accessible by you team members for use.